This 5-day Alpine Yoga and Climbing Retreat will provide a space within nature to move your energies and get back in touch with our selves.

The year 2020 has been very challenging for most of us but at the same time shown us what is most important: Health, family, friends and nature. We have come to experience a deep longing for movement as well as stability, the importance of community as well as the magic of serenity. This retreat is designed to step deeper into these qualities and expand our horizon of possibilities through movement and physical experiences.

On an old farmhouse ground amidst the Northern Limestone Alps of Austria with a group of like-minded people from all over the world, we will set up an environment to help you rediscover your inner voice and a sense for life within a community. The time spent will be filled with daily yoga and meditation sessions as well as various opportunities to experience the life in the Alpine area of Austria such as rock climbing, hiking and swimming in mountainous lakes. Through these bodily practices we are at the same time challenging our mental believe systems of what we can or can’t do. The evenings will give the option for personal and group driven reevaluation during get-together and music sessions at the bon fire (bring your instrument if you can!). To round up the program we are giving workshops on insights on year long work with climbing groups and suggestions on how to regain your personal balance when feeling shaken.

We will provide vegan buffet food twice a day, tea & coffee as well as free snacks.

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